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WPMU bug fixing, plug-in customization & creation, estimate needed

Posted on September 24th, 2010
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    Searching for a PHP programmer with experience particularly in WPMU, buddypress and WMPL
    Bug fixing and plug-in customization for an existing WPMU installation with 15 sub blogs
    Plug-in creation from scratch
    1. Forum widget
    1.1 System users can create forum topics and post replies to otherâ??s topics
    1.2 Forum tab will display the list of all topics created as such forums software like phpbb.com
    1.3 Recent 5 forum forum posts will be displayed in the side bar of the home page
    1.4 View all link will direct users to forums tab
    2. Blog avatars
    2.1 Users will have an option to upload their avatars
    2.2 Avatar should be appeared in blogâ??s comment section
    2.3 And also on the member listing pages of the website
    3. Members Page (Members Directory)
    3.1 create a link to go backwards after clicked a letter like A, B, C or D
    4. Event Calendar – List of functionalities for this Plug-in built from scratch:
    (A) Calendar image will be appear, Once click on Events link
    In the event page:
    ï?§ Calendar image appear in top of the page
    ï?§ List of current date events will be appear in below the calendar
    ï?§ Users can be able to check the events using calendar
    ï?§ Logged Member will be post their events.
    ï?§ Event creator set the event status either public/private
    ï?§ Creator invites other members
    ï?§ Google map to locate the event place
    (B) Post events / Edit events:
    ï?§ Event title
    ï?§ Date & time
    ï?§ -Place of events (full address)
    ï?§ Description of the event
    ï?§ select Event type (public/private)
    ï?§ If Select private, set the privilege either group or selected members in the list (registered users).
    (C) View Detail of events:
    ï?§ Detail of event with poster details.
    ï?§ Number of attendees
    ï?§ Allowing users to click say â??Iâ??m attendingâ??/â??I might attendâ??/â??Iâ??m not attendingâ?? buttons
    (D) In My events:
    ï?§ List the posted events
    ï?§ Show the attendees list
    ï?§ List of participant events

    5. Email updates for several wordpress actions (we need to have email updates set to group/forum participants on every new thing that happens)
    5.1 new members joining, new post, new wire message, reply to posts – as in all social networks
    5.2 new posts in the blog, new comment on blog posts
    6. Implementation of an “I Like” button for all type of posts or customization of the â??I likeâ?? Plugin existing for the newest buddypress version in order to make it work on our installation
    7. Possibility to publish photos and videos in all groups and forums
    8. Possibility of reading the full message when published in the “Site Activities” on the Home Page (at the moment you can only read an excerpt but not the full post….) customization of existing widget or creation of a dynamic widget plugin which opens & closes whole posts on the same page
    9. Visualization of all members of each group and not only a part of them (at the moment we can only see the first 10 but we would need the full list.

    - Some information of users, shows that they are members since 28 years which is impossible
    - in IE7 the buddypress adminbar does what it wants and is aligned false just for the subblogs
    - in IE 7 the Pop Over does also align itself to the left although its centered in other browsers


    All running on a dedicated managed Linux Server:


    WPMU 2.9.1 with buddypress 1.1.3 default theme installed and planning no updates for these 2
    (except there is a way in keeping the 1.1.3 theme on the new bp, appreciate consultation here, since the wish to update to newest wp & bp version is there but not yet)

    Everything is multilingual via WPML in EN & ITALIAN!
    Site Wide Plugins activated:
    - BuddyPress 1.1.3
    - SexyBookmarks
    - Akismet 2.2.7
    - TinyMCE Advanced 3.2.7
    - WP-Print 2.50
    - AHP Sitewide Recent PostsWidget forWPMU 0.9
    - BP Hide Widgets 1.0
    - BP Group Calendar 1.0.5
    - CPT BuddyPress XProfile Privacy 0.1
    - bpPicture Album0.1.1
    - BuddyPress Multilingual 0.9.2
    - Digg Digg 3.5.1
    Plugins installed & activated on the main blog:
    - Better Tag Cloud
    - Dagon Design Import Users 1.1.13
    - DBC Backup 1.1
    - Event Calendar Version 3.1.4
    - Event CalendarWidget 3.1.4
    - Exec-PHP 4.9
    - Executable PHP widget 2.1
    - Google Analytics forWordPress 3.2.5
    - ILWP Colored Tag Cloud 1.2
    - MapPress Easy Google Maps
    - NextGEN FlashViewer 1.3
    - NextGEN Gallery 1.5.3
    - NextGEN Smooth Gallery 1.2
    - Popover plugin 1.5
    - Post Teaser 4.0.1
    - Role Manager 2.2.3
    - SI CAPTCHA Anti-Spam2.2.9
    - Smooth Slider 2.2
    - StreamVideo Player 1.1.3
    - Users to CSV 1.4.2
    - WordPress Tabs Slides 1.9
    - WP-BANNERIZE 2.4.1
    - WP-Polls 2.50
    - WP DragToShare eXtended 1.13
    - WPMLMultilingual CMS 1.7.1

    Plugins installed on 1 subblog:
    - Sidebar Login 2.2.9
    - WP-Filebase
    - WPMLMultilingual CMS 1.7.1
    - WP Shopping Cart 3.7.6

    Plugins installed 1 by 1 on all 14 subblogs:
    - WP-Filebase
    - Lazyest Gallery

    Plugins that still need to be installed on main blog and optimized on the test install:(appreciate consultation here)
    - Simple Sitemaps & All In One SEO 7
    - W3 Total Cache

    1) Are one or all of the Plugin-customizations/Bugs above familiar to you and do you think you can handle creating/fixing them?
    2) Are you available right away and can you meet the deadline 15.09.2010 00:00?
    3) Are you reachable over Skype and do you have the possibility of using screen sharing tools in order to communicate with us?
    4) After you received and signed our Non-Disclosure contract, can you provide us quickly with either your company brief or your ID in order to start the project asap?
    5) Which time zone are you working in?
    6) Is it necessary for us to provide you with access to the test-site in advance before you can provide us with a proper estimate? if yes please let us know asap!

    Thanks in forward for you time, if necessary, more information will be provided!

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