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Volunteer WordPress Coder/Designer

Posted on May 24th, 2010
  • Company:
    Paajaf Foundation
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  • Job Description:

    Paajaf is looking for a wordpress coder to give us a helping hand. This task is volunteering task since Paajaf is a very young NGO that we are now trying to put things together. We are looking for dependable volunteer to give us a helping hand. our currenty website is www.paajaf.org . The new website that we are looking a volunteer to help us launch it, can be found here: www.eiproject.net/projects . THIS PROJECT TASK IS VOLUNTEERING WORK NO PAY.

    The problem is trying to deliver a CMS which is easy for non coders to operate and maintain. Over the past year, Rick a volunteer project Manager have been promising to find a CMS of choice for the Paajaf project, however these open source PHP based scripts are just not ready for prime time, with the exception of WordPress. The CMS of choice would be built on the PHP/AJAX platform and would be easy to administer. Candidates for consideration are: Exponent, WordPress and Concrete5. They have several sites one powered by a Windows server utilizing a LAMP-like setup. This is where Exponent .098 failed to install correctly. Waiting for the new release has been a lengthly process.

    The Paajaf project will entail building a website utilizing WordPress. Rick is relatively new to WP. Paajaf will need the following:

    A – A custom WP template – may be able to modify an existing one from the WP template gallery
    B – A means to receive donations
    C – A means to sell gifts
    D – Ad management script
    E – Forum script bridge (MyBB) The bridge already exist

    Rick will be help assist with content and to admin and moderate the site. We may also produce some plugins for WP from our socket server to accommodate real time events in parts of Africa. Need to study the API for WP.


    Paajaf will need the assistance of a WordPress coder/designer to assist on building an easy to manage and comfortable web site that will incorporate e-commerce and a donation script. The site will deliver news, events and will have little use for blogging. Although WP is for blogging, it can also facilitate as a general CMS. We have other volunteers ready to provide task, they are awaiting the CMS infrastructure. Please contact me anytime if you are interested to help through info@paajaf.org so that we may move forward and launch a new Paajaf.org site.

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