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Project-by-Project WordPress coder and consultant needed

Posted on August 27th, 2010
  • Company:
    The Facegamer
  • Job Type:
  • Location:
  • Job Description:

    We are looking for an expert coder that can help us with the technical side of our blog so we can focus on the creative side. This may range from optimizing php scripts to integrating features such as Facebook Connect. Future projects will be available if we are satisfied with your quality of work (including friendliness) and the fee that you charge.

    You must:
    1) Be fluent in English and be able to convey ideas in complete sentences (No “omg dude u do dis”)
    2) Be familiar with WordPress, inside and out. Extensive PHP and Javascript experience are absolutely necessary.
    3) Server tinkering will probably be necessary in some projects. Apache, CPanel, FTP, etc.
    4) If you are available to answer small questions or brainstorm for future projects, so much the better.

    The first project will be to optimize the site’s coding so that it isn’t processing and memory hog that it is now. This may entail tinkering with wordpress’ php code, and adjusting some settings on third-party plugins (or finding better plugins to do the job)

    The second project will be to completely integrate Facebook Connect services so that users can seamlessly login and post comments using their Facebook credentials. If you are not able to do both of these projects, please do not apply.

    The pay is on a project by project basis. If we like you, we’ll have plenty more things for you to work on. To apply, please contact us at jacqueline [at] thefacegamer [dot] com

    ABSOLUTELY be ready to quote a price for your service once we explain the entire project to you. Also, please provide at least 3 references with currently working websites.

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