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Looking for Developer: WordPress Site Upgrade, Performance Improv

Posted on August 28th, 2010
  • Company:
    Feast of Fun
  • Job Type:
  • Location:
    Chicago, IL
  • Job Description:

    Hi there–

    We’re looking for a WordPress Developer who can upgrade our existing site, bring in some performance improvements and implement Google Ad Manager and implement a new navigation bar redesign.

    1- Create working copy of the site on a different domain for future reference.
    2- Upgrade and test our site to wordpress 3.0.1 (note there are several plugins like Podpress that also need to be updated)
    3- Create New Navigation Bar, working with Custom Menus (feature of WordPress 3.0)
    4- Implement Google Ad Manager into the top bar, allowing us to insert ads by date, region, and percentage.

    Maybe use: http://www.oiopublisher.com for ad management? Basically we’re wanting Google and other 3rd party ad systems to access our unused inventory, while giving us the ability to implement ad reports automatically.

    We’re also interested in optimization/speed services for someone familiar with Dreamhost.
    â?¢ Optimize our WordPress site to reduce CPU usage.
    â?¢ Properly configure caching plug-ins (is wp-super cache the best one?)
    â?¢ Check if bots are still draining resources.
    â?¢ Optimize the site so that entry thumbnails are recognized by Facbeook. Right now the meta image tags aren’t there, or they don’t point to the thumbnail associated with the entry.


    â?¢ Help increase load time for the site.

    Here is our existing site; www.feastoffun.com
    Proposed redesign change (with 728 x 90 Google Ad Space)

    Proposed Menu Redesign, AUG 2010

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