List This List Inspired Free WordPress Theme

Posted on August 5th, 2010. Tagged with: , .

List This List Inspired Free WordPress Theme
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List This is a Free WordPress Theme that was inspired by list-type posts and blogs.

Lists have become very popular on blogs lately…Everyone is talking about the top 10 that or the best 100 of this. Which is why created this theme.

This theme comes with several great features, but foremost it includes a script specifically to help you list your most popular posts based on some computation that uses a mix of most commented posts and most popular to give you what it thinks to be the “real” most popular posts.

List This WordPress Theme Features

  • Widget Ready
  • Cross Browser compatible
  • Embedded most popular sidebar script
  • Large fonts
  • Cool design

Plugins Needed

The only plugin that is required for this theme to work as advertised is the wp-pagenavi plugin which is included in the theme’s folder. This will allow you to show only a certain amount of posts on a given page and be able to browse through more.