Pork And Beans WordPress Theme

Posted on October 30th, 2010. Tagged with: , .

Pork And Beans WordPress Theme
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Pork and Beans is a Free WordPress Theme developed by FearlessFlyer and it is somewhat of an unorthodox and very unique wp theme.

This theme has a standard navigaion, sidebar on the right, it’s a 2-column design, it has a few page templates…so far it seems like a very normal theme, however, the developer has thrown in quite a bit of Javascript a bolder color scheme and a combination of rounded corners, etches and fades.

The javascript incorporated in Pork and Beans helps enhance the functionality, accessibility and the quality of the theme. Such as the tabbed containers in the comments form that allow you to squeez a ton of content into a smaller space. Your visitors won’t have to scroll so much down the page and will have the comment form, subscriptions and related posts all right there in one container.

Plugins needed

The only plugins really needed for this theme if FlickrRss and Similiar Posts. The FlickrRSS plugin is if you want to show your latest Flickr image on the sidebar and the Similiar Posts plugin will pull the related posts to the current article and show them below the post in the javascript tabbed comments area.

Overall Bork And Beans is a really great site for almost any blog that wants to enhance their site with some neat javascript. The design is not bad either.

Pork And Beans WordPress Theme Features

  • Free
  • Photo gallery page
  • Javascript tabbed areas
  • Flickr RSS on sidebar
  • Advertisement/sponsor ready
  • Unique design
  • Back to top button
  • Threaded comments
  • Dark design
  • Search bar on header
  • About the author on posts and pages