How We Work?

We are a team from Indonesia that has experience to handle several of project size around the world. Our most active clients are 99% from United States, mostly from California. You can review our project portfolio and what our clients said about us in testimonial section. Our working hours as usual as US office time, Monday through Friday: 8am-5pm PDT time.

When you first contact us or sent a project inquiry form we will determine your project request. If there is a possibility we will review the options with you in general terms. Based on this discussion, we will then send you a detailed offer of service explaining what permit you will receive, how we can get it, what services we can offer, what documents we need from you, how much our services cost and how their are payable.

What services that we offer? How much does it cost?

We offer flexibility development service. You can choose the preferred service as you want, either per hour bases or per project bases, depend on your current budget, project scope, or project size that you have. Any options give you the same highest quality of result as well.

For per hour bases, we have charge our development service for $29 / hour with free of 1 month full support and bugs fixing after completion. You will also get 10% cut off if you want to extend more work after 1 month of free support.

For per project bases, we have various charge of service. Mostly start from $1,000 depends on the requested features, project scope, functions, etc. This is already including 1 unlimited web hosting and 1 domain registration for a year, and 1 month of free bugs fixing and technical support after completion ( for the web hosting, you will get free whole time technical support and maintenance as long as your website still hosted on our server ). We will also give you 25% discount after the first project for the next project request if you love our works.

We do not charge any fees before we send you a detailed project scope which will include the total price for the requested works. This means you will know in advance exactly how much the project development is going to cost you.

All service payment and transaction can be made via PayPal, direct international bank transfer, money transfer, Visa, MasterCard, or any other preferred payment method. We only send you a bill after the projects / works completion and acceptance. No hidden cost, no advance payment, so you don’t have to take any risk to use our service.

Personalized service

Our services are of the highest quality available and personalized. We aim to make the development process efficient, cost effective and free of hassles. We handle routinely unusual or complex problems on the behalf of our clients. If a problem needs competences we do not have within our team, we will get in touch with one of our partners to get a professional, competent advice.


We operate on the basis of the strictest confidentiality. Any information about our client is kept strictly confidential.


You can read stories about a few of the many satisfied clients we helped in our testimonial section. Personal references are available upon request.

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