Simple SEO Tips

Top 5 most important ranking factors to rank high in the search engines:

  1. Title Tags

    Make sure your most important keywords are in your title tag. This is the single most important / relevant tag that search engines use to find out what your webpage is all about.

  2. Description Tags

    Keep it short (Less than 150 characters) and very descriptive. It should include all of the keywords you have included in your title tag.

  3. Content

    This is probably the most common error we notice. You must have text on your homepage that includes your targeted keywords. Ideally you want them to be repeated 3 to 5 times per 100 words (3 to 5% keyword density).

  4. Anchor Text

    Let say your website sells nike shoes and one of your targeted keywords is nike basketball shoes you should have a link on your homepage that is named nike basketball shoes which should link to a webpage named

  5. Link Building

    This is one of the most important elements that search engines analyze. When search engines see many quality websites relevant to your industry linking to your website they see as an endorsement, almost like casting a vote for your website.

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