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What is Google Analytics?

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Well, that’s a good start question to know about it. Google Analytics is one of the top free tools (or in another words it’s usually called “service“) offered by Google that can be used for analyzing traffic and generates detailed statistics about the visitors on your website. Google Analytics is a powerful tool for monitoring all aspects of your websites traffic, from referrals to search engine activity.

I Want to Start Tracking My Website with Google Analytics, Where I Can Found The Best Guide?

Lucky you, Google Analytics has published a guide for beginners who are new to the product. Called the “Getting Started Guide,” it’s a new section of the Help Center for Google Analytics.

In that section, you’ll find the benefits of using Analytics (perhaps you’ve heard that you should be doing analytics but have no idea why), screenshots of the interface, installation help and more.

You can find the Getting Started Guide here or on the main page of Google Analytics help. If that’s not enough for you, then you can start search in Google for the keywords “Google Analytics for Beginner, which is you will found more than 200,000 websites and blogs that covered all questions about it. If you’d like to watch the video instead, then one of the following video will give you an introduction about Google Analytics:

Okay, Let’s Get Started! How Do I Track My Website with Google Analytics?

You can add Google Analytics to your website by adding a small snippet of code provided directly before the closing tag of each page. If you’re using a CMS like WordPress, there are free plugins that will do this for you automatically. One of the WordPress Plugin that can be used to track your website with simplicity set-and-run is Asynchronous Google Analytics for WordPress. You can download Asynchronous Google Analytics for WordPress plugin from wordpress.org plugin repository directly.

Otherwise, you will need to work with your web designer to have the code added manually.

Once installed, Google Analytics collects data continuously though the reports are only updated every 24 hours. After logging in and selecting your site, the first screen is the Dashboard. The simple interface belies an extremely powerful reporting system capable of crunching a large amount of data.

Unlike any other analytics package, Google Analytics also provides deep integration with Google AdSense. This means you can incorporate cost-per-click pricing into this data, helping to produce an extra layer of information in calculating the return on investment for paid search. In other words, putting together the cost of getting a click with what the visitor did after arriving on your site.

Once you get started with Google Analytics, the features are practically limitless – A/B testing (showing different content to different visitors and comparing results), goal setting and intelligence reports and just some of powerful tools that give you an comprehensive insight into your web performance.

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  1. well analytics is one of my favorite service…not even a single day pass without watching all the stats..how may unique members came…from which country etc and yeah you can link it with ur adsense account as well.google is very generous as it provides ’n’ number of services for free.

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